Facenote invited to Moscow by Systema_VC to present at The Retail of the Future

in May 2019 we were invited by Systema_VC to present at their Retail of the Future talk and spend some days with their accelerated startups & teams.

Besides being a great opportunity to know firsthand the innovation and disruption occurring in Russia and know this amazing city

Facenote at the Red Square

We spend a great week there with Sistema’s team and collaborators, having the opportunity of discussing computer vision and facial recognition tech advances with their own invested startups.


Thanks for everything and hope to see you guys back soon!.

Спасибо за все и надеемся скоро увидеть вас, ребята!

Bloomberg did a piece on Facenote retail innovation!

During September 2018, Bloomberg did a great piece on Facenote’s retail innovation. We had a fantastic shooting day at some of our great client stores!.

Thanks Duy, Julian, Victoria, Desiree, Riccardo, Beatriz, Steve, Thomas, Barney, Fred and all the rest of the team for a fantastic day!.

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote at Bloomberg

Facenote arrived to Manhattan!

Since October 2018, you can see Facenote at the superb Philosophy store located at The Oculus, Manhattan!. Philosophy valued customers are able to select their preferred philosophy and be recognized when they return to the store, getting special benefits.

Facenote at Philosophy, The Oculus, Manhattan

Facenote at Philosophy, The Oculus, Manhattan

Facenote at Philosophy, The Oculus, Manhattan

Face recognition in Chile!

Facenote launched new more stores with face recognition. Since September 2018, ABCVisa Financial Services Chile has face recognition at their ABCDIn retail stores in Chile!. Customers can be greeted by name, and check discounts and promotions tailored just for them.

Facenote at ABCVisa Financial Services

Facenote at ABCVisa Financial Services

Facenote at ABCVisa Financial Services

Facenote in Miami – Lincoln Road and Dadeland Mall ultra personalized shopping

Hello shoe-lovers! We are in Miami at Lincoln Road and Dadeland mall recognizing you!
Since October 2018 Facenote is working with Melissa Shoes USA in Miami on a Facial recognition innovative implementation. Lots of shoe lovers are passing by the storefront and interacting with our technology. Some of them are  having a super good time!!! ☺☺.

How does it work? Easy.

When a customer pass by Melissa Store she or he is invited to register to be recognized at the store.

She or he can text (sms) a selfie  from their mobile phone, or even share it on Instagram,  and, 10 seconds later ….we can greet them by name, and reward them.

By connecting to the existing CRM, the associates can know their previous purchases and provide a better buying experience.

Melissa’s customers are having lot of fun trying this amazing ultra personalized experience.

Facenote headquarters NY. XRC Labs Acceleration Program

In July 2017, and after a very intensive selection process, XRC Labs NY invited us to be part of their 4th Cohort, during 13 weeks at their offices in NY.
We had a great experience learning from their deep knowledge in the retail industry from experienced professionals like Pano Anthos, Leslie Cohen and all the team (thanks Carly-Ann, Tony, KC, LJ, Elena, Josh, Dana, and all the amazing XRC team.

At the end of the program, we had a great demo day at the Parsons School of Design, with an attendance of over 500 retailers and industry experts.

Eduardo Rivara, Facenote CEO, presenting at XRC DemoDay

For a complete video of this event, with pitches from Justin from CherryPick.ai, Lucy Jones from FFORA, and other great entrepreneurs, check

Facenote CEO and CTO (Eduardo Rivara and Mariano Costanzo) presenting at XRC Labs NY Launch Day

XRC Labs Unicorn

Thanks XRC for a super intensive program and the amazing times spent with you.

Facenote at Cannes, France: Cannes Lions Festival

In June we were invited to Cannes Lions Festival, the most creative event in the beautiful and cozy city of Cannes. We had four days of great mentoring thanks to R/GA Ventures.
   There we met amazing and creek (creative+ geek! ) people like Patrick Collister (Creative Lead in The Zoo EMEA for Google) and David Shing (AOL’s Digital Prophet) and we shared our experiences with great startups like Dashbot, Whalar and Lobster.

Happy to share Shingy's craziness!
Happy to share Shingy’s craziness!

David Shing, AOL's Digital Prophet
David Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet


   Eduardo Rivara was one of the speakers at Innovation Day where advertisers and marketers were impressed about the possibility of using face recognition  in multiple marketing fields.

Facenote presentation at the Showcase Stage
Facenote presentation at the Showcase Stage

Sheila González, our Creative Director, was watching the winners shortlist and talking to the world’s creative elite.

Sheila Gonzalez, our Creative Director after a busy day checking the winner's shortlist
Sheila Gonzalez, our Creative Director after a busy day checking the winner’s shortlist

After a non-stopping week (yes, we spent the whole week there) we have one proposition : Next year, we’ll be helping one of those companies win a Cannes Lions using face recognition technology. We still don’t recognize animal faces but we… go for you, Golden Lion!

We're going after you, Golden Lion!
We’re going after you, Golden Lion!

Facenote at San Diego, CA – NACDS Total Store Expo Vision 2028

Last month, we were invited to showcase our technology at the NACDS Total Store Expo, Vision 2028 (http://tse.nacds.org/plan/vision-2028) in San Diego, California.

The claim of the Vision 2028 area of the expo was “Insights into the future of chain and retail pharmacy”, so our idea was to show how facial recognition can be used to improve customer experience inside the stores, as well as explore other ideas for the health industry.

We spent three amazing days discussing with major health industry companies, like Walgreens, CVS as well as hundreds of representatives of pharmacies across US and the world, and showing how technology can be used to provide a new experience in that area.

our Creative Director Sheila Gonzalez at NACDS Vision 2028
Our Creative Director at NACDS Vision 2028

Facenote recognition technology in action
Facenote recognition technology in action

Also, we were invited to take part with three more tech startups in the insight session panel “TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE TRANSFORMING THE RETAIL AND CPG INDUSTRIES”, with Pano Anthos, Managing Director at XRCLabs.

Insight Session Panel at NACDS Vision 2028
Insight Session Panel at NACDS Vision 2028

Pano Anthos and Eduardo Rivara
Pano Anthos Managing Partner at XRCLabs and Eduardo Rivara CEO at Facenote

Technology Transforming Retail & CPG
Insight Session: Technology Transforming Retail & CPG

Thanks a lot, specially Steve Perlowski for a great experience at NACDS Total Store Expo. We hope to see you back next year.