Facenote at San Diego, CA – NACDS Total Store Expo Vision 2028

Last month, we were invited to showcase our technology at the NACDS Total Store Expo, Vision 2028 (http://tse.nacds.org/plan/vision-2028) in San Diego, California.

The claim of the Vision 2028 area of the expo was “Insights into the future of chain and retail pharmacy”, so our idea was to show how facial recognition can be used to improve customer experience inside the stores, as well as explore other ideas for the health industry.

We spent three amazing days discussing with major health industry companies, like Walgreens, CVS as well as hundreds of representatives of pharmacies across US and the world, and showing how technology can be used to provide a new experience in that area.

our Creative Director Sheila Gonzalez at NACDS Vision 2028
Our Creative Director at NACDS Vision 2028
Facenote recognition technology in action
Facenote recognition technology in action

Also, we were invited to take part with three more tech startups in the insight session panel “TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE TRANSFORMING THE RETAIL AND CPG INDUSTRIES”, with Pano Anthos, Managing Director at XRCLabs.

Insight Session Panel at NACDS Vision 2028
Insight Session Panel at NACDS Vision 2028
Pano Anthos and Eduardo Rivara
Pano Anthos Managing Partner at XRCLabs and Eduardo Rivara CEO at Facenote
Technology Transforming Retail & CPG
Insight Session: Technology Transforming Retail & CPG

Thanks a lot, specially Steve Perlowski for a great experience at NACDS Total Store Expo. We hope to see you back next year.

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