Facenote in Miami – Lincoln Road and Dadeland Mall ultra personalized shopping

Hello shoe-lovers! We are in Miami at Lincoln Road and Dadeland mall recognizing you!
Since October 2018 Facenote is working with Melissa Shoes USA in Miami on a Facial recognition innovative implementation. Lots of shoe lovers are passing by the storefront and interacting with our technology. Some of them are  having a super good time!!! ☺☺.

How does it work? Easy.

When a customer pass by Melissa Store she or he is invited to register to be recognized at the store.

She or he can text (sms) a selfie  from their mobile phone, or even share it on Instagram,  and, 10 seconds later ….we can greet them by name, and reward them.

By connecting to the existing CRM, the associates can know their previous purchases and provide a better buying experience.


Melissa’s customers are having lot of fun trying this amazing ultra personalized experience.

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